Know God

“There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man.”                     —Blaise Pascal

Maybe you haven't learned to call it a "God-shaped vacuum," but Pascal, a brilliant philosopher, noticed a common fact of existence—there’s a spiritual dimension in each of us, waiting to be satisfied. Everyone tries to fill this void; if not with God, then with something else—relationships, money, career, GAP clothing—fill in the blank. The insatiable, unsatisfied desires of our hearts reveal that we are all missing God, even if we haven't labeled the longing like Pascal did. Have you ever wanted to know God? For a moment at least, consider the possibility that your spirit has always been longing for Him. Now the essential question is, "Do you know Him yet?" If not, maybe you’ve wondered:

 What “god” will satisfy my spiritual needs? Can I find god in a church setting? If so, why does the church today seem so irrelevant?

Our current cultural and religious atmosphere is not very friendly to those ready to fill the "God-shaped vacuum" in their souls. In reality, seemingly irrelevant church themes (“atonement, sin, worship…”) combined with the cultural ideal of tolerance (“everything is equally true”) is enough to cause a lot of people to lose interest in really knowing God for themselves.

However, many people are ready to defy cultural apathy and religious irrelevance and keep searching. If you are sincerely looking for God, we at Cornerstone applaud you! And we have good news for you—God is looking for you as well.

The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.
—2 Chronicles 16:9

God is knowable. And His invitation to be known is still on the table. We invite you to begin a relationship with the only God who can satisfy the desires of our hearts:  Jesus Christ, the creator and lover of all people. To learn more about Jesus Christ, visit Cornerstone, a community of people devoted to knowing God personally, or contact one of our pastors with your questions.



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