Series: Advent 2016

Advent, the season of worship leading up to Christmas, is a time of looking ahead, longing for and preparing for Christ our Lord, who has come and is coming again. This year we’re focusing on four Advent themes in Isaiah 40:1-11.

Here is Your God!

by John Vanderhorst | December 18, 2016

Our exploration of Advent themes in Isaiah 40:1-11 concludes with a heralding of good news: “Here is your God!” The One who comes is both mighty Warrior and gentle Shepherd, and His arrival stirs our hearts to behold Him, receive Him, praise and herald Him. In this season and year-round, there is no better news!

Fading Life, Eternal Comfort

by Johnny Vanderhorst | December 11, 2016

While life on earth is fragile and short, the truth of Jesus is constant, permanent, and fulfilling. Happy are those who find their comfort and meaning in Him.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

by Blaine Freidline | December 5, 2016

God will personally intervene to restore His people. Prepare the way for His intervention — in your life and in the lives of others.

Comfort My People

by John Vanderhorst | November 27, 2016

To His sinful, suffering people, God speaks comfort—a comfort that goes deep, overcomes all, and lasts forever.