Busy to Keep the Unity of the Spirit

Having been called to abide with the Lord Jesus in His Kingdom forever (and to walk as befits that calling), eagerly pursue the unity of the Spirit you have with others who are likewise called.


Summary of Ephesians chapters 1-3 (from John Piper, LAB Ephesians 1-3)


1:1-14          To God be glory for eternally planned and performed grace.

1:15-23        I pray that you might see this glory.

2:1-10          Grace secures joy and excludes boasting in rescuing the hopeless.  (personal)

2:11-22        Through Christ’s blood Gentiles are united to God and Israel.  (corporate)

3:1-13          My apostleship is for God’s glory in the church. Take heart.

3:14-21        I pray that you would know the Love of Christ.  To the glory of God.


The command to walk in a worthy manner


The command to eagerly maintain unity of the Spirit