Lessons for All Loving Relationships


The deaths of Ananias and Sapphira are shocking but provide important lessons to help us grow in a loving friendship with God and in loving friendships with people.


The obvious lessons

  • God’s judgment is serious.
  • God’s love is amazing.
  • Our tendency is to become the judge.


Side lessons about our greatest enemy

  • Satan’s purpose is to kill.
  • Dishonesty opens the door for Satan.


Lessons for our friendship with God

  • All dishonesty is against God.
  • All dishonesty hurts God.
  • God wants us to choose to remember the seriousness of lying.
  • Proactive openness with God builds friendship.


Lessons for our friendship with people

  • Dishonesty hurts those involved.
  • Choosing to remember things will build a friendship.
  • Proactive openness with people builds friendship.