The Gospel Church


The “Holy Spirit dynamism” of Antioch is God’s design for you, and for Cornerstone, and beyond.  Ultimately it is a response to God’s work in Christ.

The church in Antioch


When Barnabas “saw the grace of God,” what did he see?


What the members of the Antioch church body were doing:


  1. Jesus was on their hearts. Out of their hearts they spoke, even across cultural barriers.

Acts 11:19-21



  1. They welcomed into their church a godly leader from outside.

Acts 11:22-24



  1. They initiated to bring a needed, gifted leader into their church.

Acts 11:25-26



  1. They honored a genuine “word from God” and acted on it.

Acts 11:27-30



  1. They worshipped, fasted, and prayed together, and acted as God revealed.

Acts 13:1-3



Your purpose:  Continue entrusting yourself to God