Toward Jerusalem


Our Christian life is like a journey; we must set our hearts on pilgrimage and remember the travel essentials.


Paul looks back:  Serving the Lord

Humility, tears, trials

Acts 20:18-21


Paul looks ahead:  Being faithful

Constraint; contentment; steadfastness

Acts 20:22-25


Paul exhorts:  Care for the Lord’s loved ones

Love; tenderness; zeal

Acts 20:28-31


Paul exhorts:  Take hold of the word of grace

Sanctification; contentment; generosity

Acts 20:32-35


Life questions

  1. Will you commit to a lifetime and lifestyle of serving the Lord Jesus?
  2. Will you set your face to run and finish the course Jesus has set before you?
  3. Will you give yourself to caring tenderly for God’s people?
  4. Will you live on the word of grace?
  5. Will you pray for your elders?