Scripture: Luke

Follow the Father in Love

As forgiven children, we honor our Father by following him in loving people with humble mercy, forgiveness and hope-filled initiative. 

Who Proved to Be a Neighbor?

We are called to “show mercy” to the people God puts in our path, as we appreciate from others.

Dinner With Simon

To grow in the heart and art of neighbor love, we must be freed from a heart-paralysis caused by sin, and know where to find endless fuel for our love.

Rejoice With Me

Summary: When we are “filled up” with joy in God, we are set free to truly rejoice in others’ joys.

Jesus’ Highest Priority for You

Jesus perfectly understands the complexity and pressures in your life. In view of that, He has a crystal clear priority laid out for you.

What if the Church Cares for KC?

Loving our neighbors means we care for them by listening, sharing meals and serving.

The Wisdom of the Shepherds

To experience our place inside the Christmas story, we must follow the shepherds in their reception of God’s good news of great joy.

A Scripture-Saturated Song

The soul that is saturated in the promises of God, and presses on in trusting Him, sings!

The Announcement

God’s good news demands a radical faith response.

When Disaster Strikes

Jesus taught that in this broken world, the strike of disaster is unpredictable.  But the call we need is consistent: to be prepared to stand before God.