Series: What if the Church Loves KC?

Together with many other churches in the Kansas City area, we’ve launched a series called “What If the Church Loves KC?” For three weeks we explored three ways of loving […]

What if the Church SHARES with KC?

by Mike Bergen | June 3, 2018

“What if the Church loves KC?” is a three part series. Today’s topic is the third part, “What if the Church SHARES with KC?” Prayer and caring for people helps prepare the soil of people's hearts, but the seed of God’s Word is needed to produce eternal life in them. God wants you and me to be prepared to plant His Word in people’s hearts in a loving way when they are ready.

What if the Church Cares for KC?

by John Vanderhorst | May 27, 2018

Loving our neighbors means we care for them by listening, sharing meals and serving.

What if the Church Prayed for KC?

by Johnny Vanderhorst | May 20, 2018

Loving our neighbor begins in prayer for our neighbor.