Series: Ephesians

We’re taking an extended, 18-week look at Ephesians, Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus.

Children & Parents

by Johnny Vanderhorst | October 24, 2021

Our families are meant to reflect heavenly realities, and when they do, it is good and beautiful.

A (Glorious!) Marriage Mystery

by Daniel Vanderhorst | October 17, 2021

God’s design from the beginning has been for marriage, at its very best, to mirror the amazing relationship between Christ and his church.

From Darkness To Light

by Blaine Freidline | October 3, 2021

You have been redeemed out of the kingdom of darkness to display God’s standard for sexual purity and shine the floodlight of Christ so others can be redeemed.

The New You Under Pressure

by Mike Bergen | September 26, 2021

God’s design for us to get to know Him better and for us to become more fulfilled people is to live in relationship with Him and with other people. This sounds nice until we experience the common reality of pain in relationships. This is what this passage addresses.

Put on the New You

by Johnny Vanderhorst | September 19, 2021

The grace and truth of Christ set up a way of living from our new identity that is a profound contrast to the counterfeit alternatives of our culture.

God’s Design for Growth

by Mike Bergen | September 5, 2021

This passage describes what the Creator, our Savior, is doing to prepare the body of believers who want a relationship with Him, and are called His bride.

Busy to Keep the Unity of the Spirit

by Blaine Freidline | August 29, 2021

Having been called to abide with the Lord Jesus in His Kingdom forever (and to walk as befits that calling), eagerly pursue the unity of the Spirit you have with others who are likewise called.

Power Through Dependence

| August 22, 2021

The Holy Spirit fulfills in our experience what Christ has won for us, as we depend on Him.

The Mystery and the Glory

by Mike Bergen | August 15, 2021

It is often difficult to talk about Jesus with people because there are so many misunderstandings people have. Paul experienced the same thing, and explained some helpful insights in this section of Ephesians.

Supernatural Unity

by Johnny Vanderhorst | August 8, 2021

Grasping God’s reconciliation of us produces radical unity among us.

Grace Beyond Imagination

by Mike Bergen | August 1, 2021

Ephesians 2 clarifies that our condition before we came to Christ was worse than we can comprehend. Ephesians 2 also helps us understand that the salvation God provided from that condition is more awesome than we can comprehend.

Realizing What You Have

by Johnny Vanderhorst | July 25, 2021

Prayer is the bridge between owning and enjoying.

A Supernatural Being in Flesh

| July 18, 2021

It was difficult for people to comprehend the spiritual realities of who Jesus was when he lived here as a human. Similarly today, it is difficult for us to comprehend the spiritual realities of who we are in Christ. Ephesians 1:1-14 gives us an outline of these realities.