Series: Habakkuk

The Old Testament book of Habakkuk: The time is in the distant past, and the culture is foreign to us, yet this prophet’s circumstances and his response to them are strikingly relevant to us today.

Yet I Will Rejoice

by Johnny Vanderhorst | October 7, 2018

To thrive in the midst struggle and uncertainty, we need a vision of God that outweighs them.

Waiting in Darkness

by John Vanderhorst | September 30, 2018

In dark and uncertain times, a vital aspect of spiritual health and sanity is waiting on the Lord.

Look and Be Amazed!

by Mike Bergen | September 24, 2018

God told Habakkuk to look and be amazed at the awful things the armies of Babylon would do. It was terrifying, but at the same time God had a loving plan for the people of Israel within all the destruction. He is still the same today in His work with people.

Why Don’t You Do Something, God?

by Johnny Vanderhorst | September 16, 2018

In the midst of confusion and anguish, we must learn to express our soul to God.