Series: The Heart and Art of Neighbor-Love

Our 5-week series “The Heart and Art of Neighbor-Love” focuses on the skill of loving our neighbors (anyone in our circle of acquaintance – family, friends, church, neighborhood, workplace, etc.).

Follow the Father in Love

by Daniel Vanderhorst | February 2, 2020

As forgiven children, we honor our Father by following him in loving people with humble mercy, forgiveness and hope-filled initiative. 

Who Proved to Be a Neighbor?

by Johnny Vanderhorst | January 26, 2020

We are called to “show mercy” to the people God puts in our path, as we appreciate from others.

Loving Through Conversation

by Mike Bergen | January 19, 2020

Because Jesus has rescued us and built into our lives, we have the privilege of cooperating with His Spirit to build into other people’s lives — strangers and everyone else — through the means of conversations. Jesus gave us a good example of how this can happen.

Dinner With Simon

by Johnny Vanderhorst | January 12, 2020

To grow in the heart and art of neighbor love, we must be freed from a heart-paralysis caused by sin, and know where to find endless fuel for our love.

Giving Friendship

by Mike Bergen | January 5, 2020

We’ve all been won by God’s love for us, but sharing and communicating His love to others doesn’t come naturally. We look at Jesus’ and Paul’s examples as we depend on God’s Spirit to continue to teach and lead us.