Series: Lament

In our series on the biblical prayer language of lament we’ll look at selected psalms of lament to see how this way of praying can lead us from places of pain to a renewal of trust in God. As we learn this prayer language, we’ll see how dark clouds in our lives are met with God’s mercy. Blessed be God, our help and hope!

Choose to Trust

by John Vanderhorst | January 31, 2021

Our series on biblical lament concludes with a focus on a fourth “step” in prayers of lament: choosing to trust. This is the hopeful landing place after we’ve turned to God in prayer, voiced our complaints, and lifted up our requests.

Ask Boldly

by Johnny Vanderhorst | January 24, 2021

While crying is natural, crying out to God is not, because it's antithetical to our natural human bent.

Lamenting to God

by Mike Bergen | January 10, 2021

Lament means to express grief, pain, or sorrow. God wants us to express these feelings especially to him. This deepens our relationship with him and opens the door for him to do many things in us and through us.

Bring Your Complaint

by Daniel Vanderhorst | January 17, 2020

What is Biblical lament? “A prayer in pain that leads to trust.”