Series: Meals with Jesus

Our “Meals with Jesus” series in Luke’s gospel focuses on meals where Jesus has a clear ministry focus. May we be encouraged and challenged by our Lord’s grace and instruction at table!

The Climax of World History

by Mike Bergen | March 12, 2023

This last “meal” with Jesus brings us to the climax of world history and to the solution to the most foundational problem for all humanity.

The Fellowship of the Burning Heart

by Johnny Vanderhorst | March 5, 2023

On the path to life through death, we are renewed as our hearts see Jesus through the Word, in close community with fellow disciples.

The Taste of Redemption

by Daniel Vanderhorst | February 26, 2023

Jesus gave his disciples a rich gift in the Lord’s Supper: a simple meal through which to renew our shared identity as God’s people and to anticipate feasting with our Lord in his coming kingdom.

Jesus the Instigator

by Blaine Freidline | February 19, 2023

Jesus initiated to bring Zacchaeus – and you – into His eternal kingdom; you are now a channel for His initiative in others.

Continuous Compassion

by Mike Bergen | February 12, 2023

On the surface of this account, we see Jesus challenging the common thinking of the day. But after looking closely, we see his continuous heart of compassion toward everyone. And the more we understand his heart, the more we understand that Jesus also has the same heart toward us all the time!

When the Meal Turns Cold

by Johnny Vanderhorst | February 5, 2023

Consider: What sparks the harshest rebukes of Jesus?

A Tale of Two Sisters

by David Cato | January 29, 2023

“Hospitality involves setting a table that makes everyone feel comfortable. It chooses a menu that allows face time with guests instead of being chained to the stovetop. It picks up the house to make things pleasant, but doesn’t feel the need to conceal evidences of everyday life. It sometimes sits down to dinner with flour in its hair. It allows the gathering to be shaped by the quality of the conversation rather than the cuisine. Hospitality shows interest in the thoughts, feelings, pursuits, and preferences of its guests. It is good at asking questions and listening intently to answers. Hospitality focuses attention on others.” — Jen Wilkin

The Most Awesome Catered Meal

by Mike Bergen | January 22, 2023

This was a unique meal with Jesus in the sense that none of the disciples wrote down anything Jesus said during the meal, but it was a meal that none of them would forget. They learned a lesson that also will help you and me in our challenging situations.

Fellowship of the Greatly Forgiven

by Johnny Vanderhorst | January 15, 2023

What in Jesus made all sorts of different people want to invite Him? What would that look like in us?

Banquet at Levi’s House

by Mike Bergen | January 1, 2023

People tend to focus on rules more than relationship. This is true among Christians today, and it was true among the people who associated with Jesus. As Jesus feasted at a joyful celebration at Levi’s house, we see these issues come to the forefront of the party, as described in Luke 5. This is an important example for us to learn from.