Series: Members of the Body (Fall 2016)

In this series we’ll look at ourselves—that is, the local church. What does God have in mind for a believer’s relationship to his or her church? What does it mean to belong? Be prepared for some counter-cultural truth!

Sent Into the World

by Johnny Vanderhorst | November 13, 2016

Just as Christ was sent into the world by His Father, so now He has sent His church into the world. Jesus prays for and enables the church to be a united, joyful witness in a corrupted culture.

Being a Member

by Blaine Freidline | October 30, 2016

Summary To be a member of a local church is to be like Jesus pouring out all His eternal privileges into you and me: Me living for your best interest, out of love for Him because He did it for me.   Review: The local church Review: Becoming a member of the local church Being […]

Joining the Team

by Johnny Vanderhorst | October 23, 2016

God has designed the universal church to be grouped into many local churches, each of which function as unique combat units, serving God’s special purpose in their time and place.

Body, Temple, Embassy

by John Vanderhorst | October 16, 2016

A local church is like a body, a family, a building, or an embassy. God intends individual believers to attach themselves to a local church, where they belong and serve as members of one body, children in one family, building blocks in a holy temple where God dwells.