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State of the Church

Our focus here is “the state of the church” — meaning this small local church called Cornerstone. We’ll look at who we are as a church, what’s on tap for the year ahead, and the greatest thing we have going for us.

The Hard Sayings of Jesus

In this series we look at statements Jesus made that are hard to understand, confusing, inscrutable, or might seem outrageous to human understanding.

New Year’s Day (2017)

Though we didn’t have a typical full-length sermon on New Year’s Day Sunday, Johnny Vanderhorst did share some thoughts for the year ahead.

Advent 2016

Advent, the season of worship leading up to Christmas, is a time of looking ahead, longing for and preparing for Christ our Lord, who has come and is coming again. This year we’re focusing on four Advent themes in Isaiah 40:1-11.

The Persecuted Church

God urges us to “remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated,” because we are all members of Christ’s body (Hebrews 13:3). May Jesus move our hearts and lead us in earnest prayer and action on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

Members of the Body (Fall 2016)

In this series we’ll look at ourselves—that is, the local church. What does God have in mind for a believer’s relationship to his or her church? What does it mean to belong? Be prepared for some counter-cultural truth!

You Can Change! (Summer 2016)

Our 10-week series “You Can Change” is based on Tim Chester’s book by the same title. Real, lasting, fundamental heart change is entirely possible — but it’s not achievable by pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps, grin-and-bear-it types of methods. Heart transformation only becomes possible as we behold Jesus.

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