Series Listing

Members of the Body (Fall 2016)

In this series we’ll look at ourselves—that is, the local church. What does God have in mind for a believer’s relationship to his or her church? What does it mean to belong? Be prepared for some counter-cultural truth!

You Can Change! (Summer 2016)

Our 10-week series “You Can Change” is based on Tim Chester’s book by the same title. Real, lasting, fundamental heart change is entirely possible — but it’s not achievable by pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps, grin-and-bear-it types of methods. Heart transformation only becomes possible as we behold Jesus.

Belonging (Spring/Summer 2016)

Our series “Belonging” considers our identity as inhabitants and citizens of our nation, our identity as citizens of heaven, and our identity as members of a church. We’ve also included “Why Are We Here?” from our first Sunday at the Thompson Barn as a preface to this series.

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