Series: Ruth

We’re doing a four-week sermon series on the beautiful Old Testament book of Ruth. May we be strengthened in our own sometimes difficult yet always rewarding choice to leave other things behind and follow Christ. May He be our first love!

The Redemption of Love

by Johnny Vanderhorst | May 29, 2022

At the close of Ruth, the themes of costly love and God’s faithfulness to restore and reward are brought to culmination.

Faith Working Through Love

by Daniel Vanderhorst | May 22, 2022

The book of Ruth is Naomi's story -- of God's tender, faithful, compassionate, steadfast love.

A Providential Love Story

by Mike Bergen | May 15, 2022

Ruth chapter 2 is part of three providential love stories all happening at the same time.

Suffering, Lament, and Love

by Nate Tate | May 8, 2022

“Hope is the faint glimmer on the distant horizon. It keeps you moving on the journey of love. The closing scene of the first chapter of Ruth ends with a hint of hope: ‘And they came to Bethlehem at the beginning of the barley harvest (Ruth 1:22).’” ― Paul Miller, A Loving Life