Comfort My People

Advent themes

Anticipation; preparation




To His sinful, suffering people, God speaks comfort—a comfort that goes deep, overcomes all, and lasts forever.


Gospel comfort

Isaiah 40:1-2

Gospel comfort is all about _________.





Comfort in Isaiah 40-66

  • Isaiah 40:1
  • Isaiah 51:3
  • Isaiah 52:9
  • Isaiah 54:11-13
  • Isaiah 57:18-19
  • Isaiah 61:1-3
  • Isaiah 66:13


Take hold of comfort

  1. Make this Advent a season of comfort.
  2. Live a daily Advent: keep looking for Christ to break into your life.
  3. Be like Simeon—hoping and waiting for God’s rescue and comfort. (Lk. 2:25)
  4. Make every lapse into sin an occasion for comfort.
  5. In light of His coming, revisit your change project—or start a new one.
  6. Comfort yourself and others with reminders of His past and future coming.