Series Listing

The Sermon on the Mount

We’ve begun a several-week series of sermons on the “Sermon on the Mount” from Matthew chapters 5-7. Be prepared to be challenged by the radical truths of this divine “Christian counterculture” instituted by Jesus and ever-expanding to this day.

The Life of King David

We are spending 12 weeks looking at the life of King David in the book of 1 Samuel and the Psalms. 1 Samuel 16 introduces David, the youngest of the sevens sons of Jesse, whom Samuel anoints and the Holy Spirit fills. He will become king over God’s people and the most celebrated type of his future offspring, the true King! Marvel at God’s sovereign ways and plans.

Advent 2023

During the season of Advent,  we put ourselves in the place of the Jews 2,000 years ago longing for Messiah’s coming. We will do this through December 24 by considering Jesus as the Word made flesh as proclaimed in chapter 1 of John’s gospel. 

Second Corinthians

We’ve begun a multi-month sermon series on Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. In his opening remarks Paul introduces the dual themes of suffering for Christ and receiving God’s comfort in our suffering. Both themes are relevant to Christ-followers in all places and times.

The Psalms of David

Over the next three months we’ll engage with psalms of thanksgiving, trust, praise, lament, and more, all selected from the 75 psalms written by David.

Meals with Jesus

Our “Meals with Jesus” series in Luke’s gospel focuses on meals where Jesus has a clear ministry focus. May we be encouraged and challenged by our Lord’s grace and instruction at table!

Advent 2022

Advent is the season of worship leading up to Christmas. It’s a time of looking ahead, longing for and preparing for Christ, who has come and is coming again. This year we focus on prophecies of the Messiah in Isaiah. May God awaken wonder and longing in our hearts for our Lord!


For the next four months we’ll consider the New Testament book of James’ central theme of living out our faith — being doers of the word and not just hearers. May our hearts and lives be truly changed!


We’ve begun a series on the Old Testament book of Esther — notable for its omission of any reference to God. Yet, as we’ll see, this book has much to say about the ways of God even in his hiddenness. Enjoy the story, and worship our ever present, always working Lord!

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