Series: The Psalms of David

Over the next three months we’ll engage with psalms of thanksgiving, trust, praise, lament, and more, all selected from the 75 psalms written by David.

My Times Are in Your Hand

by Blaine Freidline | June 18, 2023

Because Jesus has initiated the exchange of His life for yours, take Him at His word, surrender your life to Him, and experience the rescue and refuge of His lovingkindness.

One Thing

by Johnny Vanderhorst | June 11, 2023

God will provide everything you need for a life of deeply knowing and enjoying Him.

Counter-Cultural Reptentance

by Mike Bergen | June 4, 2023

David’s response after his sin is modeled in this chapter, and it is often described as repentance. David’s example has much for us to learn from, although it is very different from the way our culture thinks and practices, both in relationship with God and in relationships with people.

Confession & Gladness

by Johnny Vanderhorst | May 28, 2023

The joy of forgiveness and restoration leads to confident living under God’s authority and care.

A Heart’s Cry

by David Cato | May 21, 2023

"Meekness is a fundamental sense of being under Someone Else." - David Powlison

Our Good Shepherd

by Mike Bergen | May 14, 2023

Today, as we go through Psalm 23, you’ll see the qualities of a good shepherd, correlated with our perfectly good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus.

O Lord, Save the King!

by Daniel Vanderhorst | May 7, 2023

Our Psalms of David series continues with a focus on two “royal” psalms—a prayer for success followed by thanksgiving for God’s answer.

Radiant Living

by Johnny Vanderhorst | April 30, 2023

Our Psalms of David series continues with a focus on Psalm 34, another psalm of thanksgiving. May our own hearts echo David’s in expressing gratitude for God’s deliverance and care in our times of need.

Humble Thankfulness

by Mike Bergen | April 23, 2023

Psalm 30 can help us understand more of what it means to give humble thanks. Today’s message will also explain how we can honor the most important person in the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, by the way we give thanks to him.

Bless the Lord, O My Soul

by Blaine Freidline | April 16, 2023

Praise, laud, and magnify the Lord for His unbounded lovingkindness that He has set on you and on all who bow before Him as Savior and Lord.

Dimensions of Suffering

by Mike Bergen | April 2, 2023

Psalm 22 seems to have more connections to Jesus’ suffering than any other Psalm. It helps us understand more of what Jesus went through and it also helps us understand how to deal with all kinds of suffering we go through.

Portion in Life & Hope in Death

by Johnny Vanderhorst | March 26, 2023

The foundation of resilient trust in God is the recognition and pursuit of Him as our greatest good.