Being a Servant

1. Growth can create new issues

2. The circumstances surrounding the complaint
a) The growth of the church
b) The daily distribution (Acts 4:30-34)

3. The problem
a) Local Hebrew Jewish believers and their widows (2 Cor. 11:22; Php. 3:5)
b) Hellenistic Jewish believers and their widows (Acts 2:5)
c) Care for widows defined in Deut. 14:28-29; 24:19-22)

4. The solution
a) Leadership steps in and delegates authority
b) Leadership recognizes proper priorities and limitations
c) Action is taken and the situation is resolved

5. What is precedent and what is principle?
a) Choosing leaders
b) Meeting needs
c) Being a giver
d) Public recognition of ministry

6. Be a servant (motivated out of a loving relationship with Jesus)
a) Fulfill your position in the body of Christ
b) Do not grow weary in doing good (Galatians 6:9-10)

7. Jesus as our example
a) He forgave, He healed, He taught
b) He washed His disciples’ feet in the spirit of servanthood and humility

8. The “Word” of God continued to increase (Acts 12:24; 19; 20)
a) They were bold in their speech about Jesus (Acts 4:31)
b) There were signs and wonders that followed them (Acts 5:12-16)
c) They took care of each other and resolved their issues