Series: Advent 2018

Advent, the season of worship leading up to Christmas. It’s a time of looking ahead, longing for and preparing for Christ our Lord, who has come and is coming again. This year our Advent focus features passages from some of the Old Testament prophets. May God stir up our faith and anticipation as we await the sunrise of His coming!

The King Shall Come

by Daniel Vanderhorst | December 23, 2018

We confidently anticipate life under Christ the King, even in the midst of present realities of pain and loss, because He has shown us that God’s promises can be fully trusted.

The Heart of Our King

by Mike Bergen | December 16, 2018

During a low point in Israel’s history, God revealed more of His heart for His people and His plan for their Messiah, the future King. He communicated this through Zephaniah and we now understand God’s heart for us even more clearly because of the first coming of Jesus, the Messiah, and future King.


by Johnny Vanderhorst | December 10, 2018

Be a witness of Christ's final coming, while welcoming His refining, and being at the ready to see Him.

The Coming King

by John Vanderhorst | December 2, 2018

A righteous Branch, a prophesy fulfilled, a promise awaited